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Services at the station

Take advantage of our waiting room, ticket office, luggage storage facilities, parking or bicycle rental facilities.

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Bike, dog or luggage?

No problem. We’ll transport your bike, dog or luggage aboard our trains.

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Refreshments on the train

Would you like lunch, a snack or just a coffee? Take advantage of the dining carriage, minibar or a refreshment vending machine!

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Sleeper and couchette carriages

Doze off in our sleeper or couchette carriages. While you sleep, we’ll transport you hundreds of kilometres away.

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Automobile train

Pack up your car and take a ride on an automobile train.

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Connecting transport

Connecting buses, taxis and bikes. You can take advantage of these services all the way to your destination.

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Enjoy our premium and bonus services

Refreshments and a newspaper free of charge, or lunch served right in your seat? Yes, on selected trains we’ll provide you with above-standard service in 1st and 2nd class.

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Take advantage of ČD exchange offices

Are you looking for somewhere to change money? Stop in our ticket office at the station and exchange money at a ČD exchange office without a fee.

ČD exchange office
ČD bicycle rentals

ČD Bike bicycle rentals

Considering a cycling trip and don’t want to haul your own bike? Rent one at the station using the ČD Bike bicycle rental service. You can even return it at a different station when you’re done.

Disabled passengers

Planning a trip? Most of our trains have been adapted for passengers using wheelchairs and for persons with reduced mobility and orientation. Come over to us.

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