1. Introductory Provisions

1.1 Prior to using the Portal, each User is required to carefully read these “Terms and Conditions of Operation when Using the ČD Passenger Transport Portal”. The use of this Portal means that the User has familiarised himself or herself with these Terms and Conditions and agrees to them. If the User does not agree to these Terms and Conditions, then he or she is not authorised to use the Portal.

1.2 The concepts listed below, which are used in these Terms and Conditions and are capitalised, have the following meanings:

  • “ČD” means České dráhy, a.s. with registered office at Nábřeží Ludvíka Svobody 12, Praha 1, 110 15, Czech Republic, ID No.: 70994226, registered in the Commercial Registry maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, rider 8039.
  • “Portal” means a set of websites, applications and services which are located on, and the Můj vlak (“My Train”) mobile application.
  • “User” means an entity which accesses the Portal’s pages and uses these pages or the Portal’s applications or services.
  • “Registration” means the registration of the User’s selected personal data in the Portal’s system; the reasons for registration are legal requirements for providing certain of the Portal’s applications and services or ČD’s specific intent to enable access to certain parts of the Portal or certain of its services only to registered Users.
  • “Terms and Conditions” mean these Terms and Conditions of Operation when Using the ČD Passenger Transport Portal.

1.3 The Portal’s owner is ČD. The Portal’s contents and graphic representation, texts, data files and design are protected by copyright and the rights of the authors of individual parts under the provisions of Act No. 121/2000 Coll., the Copyright Act, as amended. Unless set out otherwise in the Copyright Act, any use of the Portal’s contents is possible only based on a previously issued written licence for the given use of the Portal’s contents.

2. Use of the Portal and Registration of the User’s Data

2.1 The Portal is intended primarily for the User to quickly obtain information, an overview of services, special offers and ČD’s mission and activities. It is further intended for the publication of information for ČD’s clients and for other purposes ensuing from contractual arrangements between the client and ČD.

2.2 Any use of the Portal or of information obtained from the Portal or any part thereof other than that set out in para. 2.1, in particular its further use in the form of dissemination, copying, further elaboration or modification, or procurement of additional copies is forbidden.

2.3 By using the Portal, the User confirms that he or she has read and accepted these Terms and Conditions, and will use the Portal only in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and generally binding regulations.

2.4 When using the Portal, the User is required to act in such a way so that no damages are incurred to ČD or to third parties.

2.5 The provision of certain of the Portal’s applications and services or access to certain parts of the Portal can be bound and subject to Registration by the User through the Portal. The User is informed of the necessity of Registration in the relevant part of the Portal or in the Portal’s relevant application or service. Registration of information by the User is voluntary.

2.6 The key pieces of information providing the User with access to those parts of the Portal which require Registration are an e-mail address and a password.

2.7 By using the Portal, the User undertakes in particular:

  • not to interfere with the Portal’s contents or graphic appearance, or with its security;
  • not to send the Portal undesired e-mail messages or messages with damaging contents, nor to send such messages by means of the Portal;
  • not to attempt to obtain unauthorised access to the Portal or any part thereof, or to access the accounts of other Users;
  • to provide during Registration only true information regarding his or her identity and contact information, and to keep such information up to date;
  • not to disclose to third parties the key information necessary for accessing the Portal (see 2.6).

2.8 The User shall perform Registration through the Portal. During Registration, the User will enter the following basic registration data:

  • Given name (required)
  • Surname (required)
  • E-mail address (required)
  • Password (required)
  • Mobile telephone number
  • Occupational classification (e.g. student, employee)
  • Confirmation that the User has become familiar with the terms and conditions of Personal Data Protection (required).
  • Consent to the sending of commercial communications

2.9 Depending on the User’s choice of the Portal’s services and applications, these basic data are expanded by the following:

  • Identification card number
  • Number of registered In Karta card with EP
  • Expiration date of In Karta card with EP
  • Business name (required)
  • Business address (street + number, city, postal code) (required)
  • Business telephone number
  • Calendar days (Mon - Sun) or weekly information on closures (required)
  • Region (required) for information on closures
  • Railway line per the timetable for information on closures
  • Route for connection (from, to, via, time, departure/arrival) for information on closures
  • Favourite region for information on closures

2.10 The User is entitled to terminate his or her Registration at any time. Termination can be performed through the Portal.

2.11 ČD is entitled to terminate a User’s Registration in the event that the User’s use of the Portal is contrary to these Terms and Conditions or generally binding legislation. ČD is further entitled to terminate the Registration of a User who has not logged into the Portal for a period of longer than 12 months. ČD in not required to inform the User about termination of Registration for the above reasons.

3. Portal security policy

3.1 The User is fully responsible for protecting the computer which he or she uses to visit the Portal, including the software and data stored in this computer. The User is also responsible for the activities and actions he or she performs relating to the Portal when using the Portal.

3.2 ČD will make reasonable efforts to ensure the security of the data which are carried to the Portal over data networks and from the Portal to the User’s device. ČD does not bear any liability, however, for the interception or misuse of data being transferred to the Portal or being transferred from the Portal in the direction of the User beyond the reach of the technical means which ČD ensures for the Portal’s operation.

3.3 In the event that the User determines that his or her login data have been misused, the User is required to inform ČD of this determination without undue delay.

3.4 If the User grants consent to the sending of commercial communications, such communications will be sent to his or her e-mail address.

3.5 The User may revoke consent to the sending of commercial communications at any time through the Portal.

4. ČD’s responsibility

4.1 The Portal is publicly accessible via the internet. ČD is not responsible to the User for its accessibility on his or her equipment.

4.2 The Portal offers Users a range of applications and services which depend on ČD’s needs and intentions. The User does not have a legal claim to access applications and services. ČD reserves the right to suspend without compensation and without prior notification temporarily or permanently selected applications and services of the Portal or access to the portal as a whole.

4.3 ČD sets as its goal that the Portal should contain only up-to-date and accurate information. In view of the participation of third parties in updating content, technical dependencies and time available for updating the Portal, however, and further with a view to the fact that the Portal may also contain historical information, ČD cannot fully guarantee that information in the Portal is completely up to date and accurate. For this reason, the User should not rely on the Portal as an exclusive and unique information source. It is in the User’s interest to compare and confront information obtained from the Portal with information obtained from other sources. ČD is not liable for any implications or consequences arising from the use of information obtained from the Portal caused e.g. by published information which is out of date or incomplete.

4.4 ČD is not responsible for any of the Portal’s content placed on the Portal by a third party without ČD’s knowledge, contrary to these Terms and Conditions or contrary to legislation. ČD is entitled to remove such content or content defective for any other reason from the Portal at any time.

4.5 ČD is not responsible for the content, accessibility or security of the websites of third parties linked from the Portal, nor for any obligations or relationships arising between the User and third parties.

4.6 ČD is not liable for damages incurred to the User while using the Portal.

5. Cookies

5.1 “Cookies” are information transferred from websites onto the hard disk of the User’s computer. Cookies allow a website to remember important information, which facilitates the User’s further use of the site. Like most websites, the Portal also uses cookies. On the basis of anonymous data objects, for example, ČD tracks the total number of visitors to the Portal.

5.2 If the User does not wish to use cookies or if he or she wishes to be informed by his or her web browser that cookies are being used, he or she must make the relevant selection in his web browser settings. If the User blocks all cookies, he or she will not be able to use certain functions of the Portal.

6. Final Provisions

6.1 The Portal’s operation is governed by the laws of the Czech Republic, and the courts of the Czech Republic shall have jurisdiction for the resolution of any disputes that may arise.

6.2 ČD reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice and with immediate effect. The User is required to follow the current wording of these Terms and Conditions. If the User uses the Portal following a change in the Terms and Conditions, ČD considers this to constitute the User’s agreement to the updated wording of these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions shall become valid and effective as of 10 December 2016.

An asterisk (“*”) by items in forms means that these fields are required and must be filled in to continue. Most forms are checked to ensure that they have been filled in correctly, and errors may be pointed out.