Electronic Timetable

Search for a connection and purchase tickets comfortably online!

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Free Off-line Timetable

Pocket Timetable

Compile and print out your own timetable that you’ll always have at hand for your everyday travel needs.

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Line Timetables

Want to have an overview of all the trains on your line? Have a look at the line timetable.

Display list of lines

Operational Restrictions

Check planned closures (e.g. track repairs) and extraordinary events (e.g. power blackouts) before traveling.

All operational restrictions

The “Můj vlak” (“My Train”) mobile application

Finding a connection, buying a ticket, information about trains, information about stations and ongoing information about the journey. You can find all this in the My Train (Můj vlak) mobile application. Download it for free.

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Find connections using your mobile phone

Need to find a train connection quickly when travelling? Use your mobile telephone. See what’s involved.

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How the timetable is made

Did you know that individual trains and their times and locations are ordered by the Ministry of Transport and regional authorities? Have a look at how you can influence the timetable.

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Transfer times and connections

Will I have time to transfer to the next train? And will the connecting train wait for my train if there’s a delay? Have a look at the basic rules.

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Introduction Timetable